Vision And Mission

Our vision is to continue to drive innovation in mental health and act as a leader in the
provision of empirically supported evidence-based applied psychological services,
professional training and research, and to provide safe and welcoming services to the
LGBTQIA+ community, First Nations peoples and people of all cultures, abilities,
backgrounds and ways of life.

Our mission is threefold:

Services: To provide accessible evidence-based and culturally appropriate psychological
services to those most in need in our community. We provide non-sectarian services
through collaborative partnerships and care for all people from LGBTQIA+ communities,
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, diverse cultures, religions, socioeconomic
areas, ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Training: We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards of the profession
and ensuring the development of workforce capacity and sustainability of psychological
services in our community through the provision of professional training placements,
registrar programs, development, lectures and workshops

Research: To improve the effectiveness of programs and services through innovation and collaborative peer-reviewed research, and meet community needs through the inclusion of feedback from consumers and stakeholders.