What is the Feast Festival?

On Kaurna Land (Adelaide), the month of November is known as a month of Pride (or “Pridevember”) to the local LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. This is due to the Feast festival taking place throughout November every year, with 2022 marking Feast Festival’s 25 year anniversary. 

Feast Festival is a non-profit LGBTQIA+ Arts and Cultural festival that includes multiple events such as a Pride March, live music, comedy shows, art exhibits, a community picnic and much more. 


Who runs it?

Feast Festival is run by an organization named ‘Feast’, who are governed by a Board of Management which includes “art industry professionals, business people and community members”. Their CEO, Helen Sheldon, describes Feast as a festival “created by a dedicated and small team of staff and volunteers” which “shines a light on our local rainbow communities”. Along with their ambassadors; Belinda McKeown, Isabel Hodgson, Calamity Tash and Dr. Gertrude Glossip, Feast also has an Artistic Advisory Committee and a Community and Health Advisory Committee.


Pride March

“Pridevember” kicked off this year on Saturday the 5th of November with the annual Pride March. Gathering at Wauwi (Light Square), the march was set to travel 1.3 km to Tarntanyangga (Victoria Square). The Feast festival made accessibility for this event a priority, ensuring the march route was flat and that AUSLAN interpreters were available on the day. Upon arriving at Wauwi, the park was flooded with a diverse group of happy, smiling people. Everyone was dressed up in rainbows, sequins and heels with a spectrum of Pride flags from all parts of the LGBTQIA+ community visible and being worn proudly.

This event was dog friendly, and lots of our four legged friends were also dressed up in rainbow collars and sparkly bandanas. The march was for all ages and there were many families in attendance as a result. One family all wore matching T-shirts that read “I am proud of my son” over a trans-flag, proudly displaying their support and advocacy for the transgender community. Overall, there was a large sense of community and pride present. The Pride March was also attended by some recognisable groups such as The Adelaide Crows, the Woolworths Group and The Federal Police, who were scattered throughout the march and fully immersed in the joy of the occasion.

The march was led by a travelling DJ Booth, who blasted up-beat pop music for the attendees, and for anyone who witnessed the march, to enjoy. After travelling down Grote Street and waving to all the restaurant patrons along the way, the DJ Booth rested itself at Tarntanyangga to keep the party going in a more stationary setting. After the march, a Feast Carnival was held for a small fee which featured live comedy acts, more dancing and also live performances from local queer artists.

Pride March’s 25th Anniversary was a huge success this year, with an incredible turn out and lots of joy spread throughout Adelaide’s streets. For anyone who is a community member, or a strong ally, Pride march is the perfect way to come together and celebrate. If you are yet to attend an Adelaide Pride March, mark your calendars for November 2023!


Picnic in The Park

Whilst the Pride March kicks off ‘Pridevember’, Feast Festival wraps up the month with a Picnic in The Park. The Picnic in The Park will be held at Kadlitpina (Rundle Park) on Sunday the 27th of November. The picnic will feature “artisan market stalls, community information, the sports hub and more” according to Feast Festival, with appearances from local breweries too. The Picnic also features a dog show, with all patrons encouraged to bring their dogs along on the day to be involved.

The Picnic in The Park is priced at $10 each for adults, with free entry on offer for under 15’s and concession card holders. 


How to be involved

This weekend the Feast Festival will be hosting the ‘Feast Comedy Gayla’ on Saturday night at the Rhino Room, for a night of queer comedy, cabaret and drag. There are also lots of other events this week and weekend, including community talks, writing sessions, art displays and many more!

For more information on the Feast Festival, or to donate to Feast, please visit their website at https://www.feast.org.au/.