PsychMed provides comprehensive assessment and evaluation of child and adult learning or behavioural issues that are causing problems for them or people around them. They may be exhibiting signs of autism, learning disabilities or other behaviours of concern.

Our experienced psychologists are mindful of the unique life circumstances of each individual, tailoring the appropriate evidence-based intervention to assist them and their families.

Our psychologists use a range of therapeutic tools, including individually structured CBT and Applied Behavioural Interventions, within an eco-bio-behavioural framework, identifying individual needs and providing person centered support for people affected.


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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a highly prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder affecting about 300,000 young people in Australia, and at least 63 million worldwide (Lawrence et al., 2015). While many children with ADHD may show improvement through to adolescence, a substantial number continue to experience problematic symptoms through to adulthood.

People can have this diagnosis, with or without hyperactivity with the common features of chronic inattention and impulsivity.  While children with ADHD are often prescribed medication as a first avenue of treatment, many health professionals advise that these stimulants should be used cautiously.

At PsychMed, we advocate the use of behavioural therapy and parental intervention as a first avenue of treatment for children with challenges associated with attention and behavioural problems. We recognise the role that medication may play in severe cases, and consequently liaise with medical practitioners and specialists as required.  When psychostimulants are prescribed for children with ADHD, it is best to then use this as a “window of opportunity” for behaviour therapy and focussed parental intervention. The child’s behaviour may have become more amenable to positive change immediately after commencing dexamphetamine or Ritalin. It is also timely to begin Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is a proven means of effective intervention to help people with ADHD.

Diagnosis of ADHD is not a simple matter and requires comprehensive assessment. School, workplace and home behaviours and a range of other factors are taken into consideration in formulating a diagnosis.

Autism is a pervasive developmental Disorder, affecting a person’s social and interpersonal communication. It can have a profound effect upon their relationships with other people and, initially this impacts upon the person’s parents and family. The term “autism” describes a person shut off from others, living within their own senses and resisting approaches from other people, including his or her mother. Invariably, people with autism may have sensory sensitivities, emotional expression difficulties, obsessive-compulsive tendencies or unusual, restricted behaviour patterns, in addition to substantial difficulties getting on with other people, and particularly in communicating with them.

At PsychMed, we recognise the stresses and emotional consequences of living with a child, adolescent or adult with autism and the need for the family to be supported. Children with autism require a team approach and the psychologist working with you and your child will happily work with other necessary people who will provide the therapy your child needs: either speech pathology or occupational therapy. Other members of your child’s early intervention team may be ABA therapists or Developmental Educator.

Psychologists can participate as members of Transdisciplinary Teams or as individual behavioural therapists, especially utilising CBT and relaxation.

PsychMed can provide diagnostic assessment of autism for children and adults. For formal diagnosis of autism accepted by the Department of Education and Child Development, a second, independent assessment is required from a professional from a different discipline (paediatrician, occupational therapist, speech pathologist or Autism SA). This can be organised through the psychologist undertaking the initial assessment at PsychMed.

If the initial assessment by your PsychMed Psychologist concludes that you or your child has a diagnosis of autism, this report can be taken to NDIS for application for registration. Some time will be taken before registration occurs and funding is provided.

Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or Training (including Assistive Technology) - Psychology (Must be delivered by a Psychologist.)
$234.83 / h
Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy or Training Psychology - Over 7 yrs age
$234.83 / h
Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood Interventions Psychology - Under 7 yrs age
$234.83 / h
Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or Training (including assistive Technology)
$234.83 / h

Medicare can provide basic funding for 4 sessions for assessment of autism for a young child when referral is made by a specialist (i.e, paediatrician or psychiatrist). The specialist can also provide ongoing treatment referrals of up to a total of 20 sessions before the age of 13.

Beyond those specialist referrals, Medicare Mental Health Care Plans can be used for therapy under the normal conditions: a General  Practitioner referral for up to 10 sessions per year.

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