PsychMed provides expert confidential counselling and support to employees to assist with a wide range of personal and work related issues effecting how we cope within the workplace. This provides an opportunity for employees to obtain professional assistance and guidance to resolve work or personal problems that may be affecting their work performance, productivity and well-being. Our program includes assessment, counselling and targeted therapy services.

Critical Incident Debriefing

As part of the EAP service we also provide critical incident debriefing at our offices or on site if appropriate. Our psychologists are experienced in a wide variety of treatment modalities and are therefore able to tailor treatment to suit each individual.

Workplace Mediation

PsychMed has an experienced Multi D team from a range of backgrounds including executive management, human resources and the union movement available for workplace mediation.

Workplace training

We also offer coaching for managers and senior staff as well as group sessions where appropriate. This may include:

  • Vocational counselling, career personal development & coaching
  • Communications skills, stress management, workplace bullying
  • Constructive approaches to performance management
  • Return to work, workplace integration support

Professional Membership

Psychmed has the largest capacity and team of clinical psychologists who are the registered members of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia (EAPAA). We conform to the EAPAA’s professional standards and code of conduct. Our EAP representatives are available to meet and discuss individualised EAP programs that address the particular needs of each organisation.

For more information about EAPAA visit: